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13 January, 1928 13 comments

Sales: 1.000.000 copies – Sources: Reliable – Status: Big image needed 

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«The most famous tabloid photo of the decade» 
Time-Life Books (1969: 185): This fabulous century, 1920-1930. 

Front page of the New York Daily News (January 13 1928), regarded as the initiation of the tabloids. The newspaper titled "Dead!" with 172-points size font above the photo of Ruth Snyder on the electric chair. You can appreciate on the right the autopsy table to which her body was going to be transferred.

Had you ever seen a woman on the electric chair? Neither do I: not on films, never on the magazines… cos you are used to see men in that tragic situation. So maybe now you are shocked about the image of this front page of 1928. ¿What did this woman do to be in the electric chair?

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